The Survival Fighting Axiom Offers Next Generation Tactical Solutions For Self Defense,

Hand To Hand, Edged Weapon, Firearm & Multiple Attacker Close Quarters Combat

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SFA / The Survival Fighting Axiom

SFA Is truly something new in the field of Tactical Hand To Hand, Edged Weapon and Firearm CQC (Close Quarters Combat). Developing in it’s practicioner an instinctive proficiency to perform uniquely effective “counter offensive” techniques under the duress and chaos of live assaults. The Survival Fighting Axiom is excellent for Civilian Self Defense applications as well as Police Defensive Tactics and Mission Specific Military needs. Survival is not optional when you are the one being attacked. Enabling good, decent people to respond extremely WELL against vicious attacks from amoral, evil human animals is the mission of SFA.

SFA Self Defense Is Threat Solution

Every single attack on the face of the Earth that has ever occured or ever will occur has existed in, or will exist at 3 moments in time. The Before, The During and The After. It is only in the unawareness of this fact that people take damage. In the Before, you can react to beat your opponent to the punch so to speak. In the During, the attack is in transit to you and you can react to avoid or intercept it with evasions and parries. In the After, there is no time, because you are at the “Point Of Impact” (or contact) and here you must react with what SFA calls “Target Replacement” or TR. TR is not in any way a block, but a unique way of literally “Attacking The Attack”. This very functional SFA ability works well against strikers, grapplers and even multiple attackers when they are at the point of contact to your body to literally destroy the incoming violence of your attacker.


SFA Personal Defense Modules Are Now
Held On Saturdays In Newark, DE.
From 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

SFA Personal Defense
Modules Are Now Held On
Saturdays In Newark, DE.
From 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM


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